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Buy the Best CBD Products for Military Veterans

KC Hemp Co.® proudly offers discounted CBD for veterans because we believe in the importance of valuing our service personnel. It is the most difficult job anyone can do in the name of our country, and we thank you for your service. We know how difficult it can be to perform the job, much less return to a semblance of a normal life, and that treatment can be difficult, expensive, or sometimes inaccessible. 

We also know that the healing power of CBD benefits can help veterans cope with the stresses of their service and the transition back into civilian life. Many different forms of CBD can help veterans, and through our discount, we make sure that we offer only the best prices on the best CBD for veterans. While nothing can truly erase the challenges our brave veterans faced as part of their military service, we believe—backed by science—that the CBD benefits for veterans are worth exploring. 

This article discusses the best CBD for veterans: which forms of CBD are effective for treating the conditions many veterans face, what the different types of CBD mean, and more. KC Hemp Co.® is the number one CBD, THC, and hemp provider in the Kansas City area, but we proudly ship our products nationwide and internationally. While we are happy to serve our local customers, especially our local veterans, we're not limited to "best CBD store near me" searches. 

If you're a veteran and need support, read on to find out how those of us at KC Hemp Co.® are doing our best to serve you and how these products can help you face the challenges of readjusting. We appreciate your service. 

The Health Benefits of CBD Products

Natural therapy is a vital part of our history. Humans were using plant-based alternatives to promote health and wellness long before the advent of pharmaceuticals. We believe modern medicine is a powerful component of healing, but we should not eschew traditional and alternative treatments. CBD has many proven health benefits, and scientists are constantly discovering more.

Pain relief without resorting to opiates is essential, and doubly so for veterans. CBD products have been used for pain relief for thousands of years. It's non-addictive and effective at relieving rheumatic pain, as well as those associated with different kinds of cancers. 

Promote better sleep habits with CBD for insomnia. An issue that many veterans face when returning home from battle. The relaxing effects of different types of cannabinoids can help ease an anxious mind and soothe the pains that keep you awake at night. Many of our most loyal customers frequently use CBD for insomnia and other sleep disorders. Try these specific products using your military discount today! Our line of KC Hemp Co.® Delta9 Gummies have shown to be very effective in calming the bodies and brain's nerves allowing you to more comfortably get some sleep, or to just take the edge off whenever needed.

 If Delta9 does not suit you try a less psychoactive form with our full-spectrum Serenity tincture. It’s a non-psychoactive blend of CBN and CBD. The benefits of CBN are much the same as THC or (Delta9) and that is because CBN is actually a matured THC molecule, this gives you some of the same great benefits but without the feeling of being high. Our Serenity blend also comprises natural terpenes that give it a tasty berry flavor. Designed for relaxation effects specifically formulated with the terpenes. 

How CBD Products Can Help Veterans

In addition to the above treatments, which can help veterans as much as anyone else, many veterans use CBD for anxiety, PTSD, and more. Is CBD effective for PTSD? Studies have shown that it can help promote the recovery process from trauma. The association of trauma reminders with fear responses makes PTSD so severe for veterans, but using CBD for PTSD treatment has helped many veterans reduce the stresses involved. 

Using CBD for anxiety treatment is effective and commonplace. Lacking the addictive effects of stronger medications, the natural CBD treatment helps reduce anxiety in most users. It helps to ease social and physical stresses associated with fear responses and traumatic triggers. Regular use of CBD for anxiety calms the mind and helps strengthen the effectiveness of other medications and therapies.

Some studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD products can have a neuroprotective effect—that is, it protects you against certain neurological disorders. These reduced risks of neurological diseases and better resistance against the effects include such conditions as ALS, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis. 

Is CBD effective for PTSD? Many studies confirm the experiences of our veteran customers: Yes, it is a potent alternative treatment method for veterans. Regularly using organic CBD tinctures may help reduce pain and protect you against certain neurological disorders. The use of CBD for PTSD, anxiety, sleep issues, and trauma responses can enhance the effectiveness of other treatments.  

Taken in conjunction with a complete treatment plan, CBD use can have potential powerful healing effects for veterans.

Additional Considerations

Active duty military personnel should be aware that cannabidiol (CBD), as well as THC, and similar products, are prohibited in the United States military. It is against federal law for active duty military personnel to possess or consume CBD products. The only federally-regulated CBD product is Epidiolex, which is available to active duty personnel with a prescription only from an authorized medical professional. 

CBD comes in many forms. Organic CBD tinctures are popular, available in mint or natural flavors, and easy to take without the risk of addiction or the harsher side effects of some prescription medications. Gummies and other edibles allow for ingestion to enjoy the therapeutic benefits over a longer period of time. Bath salts and lotions are available to help you relax, promoting a calming and anxiety-reducing effect.

The Best CBD for the Best of Us

KC Hemp Co.® proudly sources all our cannabis-derived products from organic farms. We process it locally with the utmost care and quality right here in Kansas City, because we want to serve you only the best products on the market. When it comes to serving our veterans, to us, a discount isn't enough. We also want to ensure that the therapeutic CBD products you use are the most effective, purest, and highest-quality natural remedies on the market. Remember, we're not limited to "best CBD store near me" searches. We can ship it to you! 

You served our country in the highest capacity anyone can, and it is our pleasure to give you our best in turn. As our way of saying thank you, we are honored to provide our military veterans and their families this discount. We know how difficult it can be to find the proper mental health support through the VA, and while CBD products can't replace skilled therapy alone, we know how critical they can be to helping our wounded soldiers recover. 

Thank you for your service!

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