Cannabis vs. alcohol

Cannabis, The new Pre-Game Ritual

Move over alcohol there is a new pregame ritual hitting sports fans across the nation! That's right, cannabis is becoming a go-to game day favorite for enjoying your beloved sporting events. Let’s talk about the X’s and O’s of using cannabis for your gameday experience. In this article we will discuss the advantages and precautions of cannabis use for calming the big game nerves. 

In an interview with Playboy magazine the Man, the Myth, the Legend and former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Joe Montana was quoted “The time is right to champion the healing powers of cannabis.”  We agree with the four-time superbowl champion!

For decades cracking open a cold one has been synonymous with watching football and eating Doritos. Perhaps in large part from the commercials that play over and over during every game on TV, and of course some of the most iconic Super Bowl commercials. Currently, cannabis advertisements are barred from major networks like NBC who airs the Super Bowl. However, that hasn’t stopped cannabis from taking some significant share of the gameday libations market. Last year cannabis sales increased by 55% on the Friday and Saturday leading up to the Superbowl. 

Humans love a good comparison. So, of course it’s easy to begin drawing comparisons of cannabis and alcohol. From a surface level they can seem pretty similar. Both used commonly to have a "good time" in social settings, both giving off their own mind altering buzz. Both have been shunned at one point or another in society. Both with a history dating back thousands of years. All similarities between two otherwise very different substances. 

Here are some top reasons why you may want to consider grabbing an edible instead of a six pack before your next gameday experience. 


Let the pre-game jitters roll off with CBD/THC

Rolling one up on gameday can help ease those anxious nerves that may be building up leading to kick off. Consider a 1:1 CBD to THC cannabis product like the KC Hemp Co.® Delta 9 gummies. These fruity flavored gummies can help your shoulders soften down and a smile to appear on your face as gametime approaches. Or if you want to save the buzz for later, try our Vitality Tincture formulated with 450mg of CBG and 150mg of full spectrum organic CBD. We added the strawberry cough a sativa terpene profile giving this tincture uplifting effects without the high of THC. This fruity flavored tincture is a stress reducing, appetite inducing, analgesic comfort aid that was made perfect for pregame rituals. Consider adding the CBD oil directly to your favorite game day snack like a cream cheese dip (recipe to come) as you munch your way through halftime. 


Skip the hangover, Cannabis lets you wake up feeling refreshed

Unlike using alcohol, which is known to inhibit deep sleep, using cannabis to reduce your stress and anxiety, or activate your chill, can have you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. The alcohol hangover, full of brain fog, nausea, exhaustion, and piercing headaches, can be a thing of the past! Whether you're dreaming of sweet victory or having a nightmare of Tom Brady doing Tom Brady things, replacing that six pack with a pack of gummies can dramatically change the way you feel the next day or two! 

In a study performed by the sleep foundation 85% of regular cannabis users reported using marijuana to help them with sleep. 


Your liver (and wallet) will thank you!

Studies have indicated that individuals who consume cannabis where alcohol is being served DRASTICALLY reduce their alcohol intake. So bye bye hangover and expensive bar tab!


Cautionary Tales of Cannabis 

When reaching for the Delta 9 edibles it's always best to know your dose and to not over do it. If you’re new to our delta 9 gummies or still trying to find the right dose, it's always best to start with a small dose of THC between 2-5mg and slowly work your way up until you find an optimal level that works for you. This can vary significantly from person to person. Just because your friend or spouse can take down 100mg and feel great doesn’t mean you will too. For many people 10mg can be overwhelming. If you’re unsure of your dose we recommend starting with half of a 10mg gummy like these all natural Strawberry Fields.  Our most popular gummies are the Intergalactic, a 1:1 CBD to THC vegan all natural gummy that has 20mg each CBD and THC. If you're not familiar with your dose, these can potentially light you up like Patrick Mahomes on opening day against the Arizona Cardinals. Depending on which team you were cheering for you either had a great time or a terrible experience. The same is true for consuming too much THC, so eat wisely, cutting them into 1/4 to start!

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