Delicious Delta 9 Edibles Best in KC

Delta 9 Gummies: A Delicious Way to Get Your Daily Dose of THC Edibles

For archaic states like Kansas, medical and recreational marijuana remains illegal leaving its citizens forced to suffer without their choice of medicine or break the law to consume cannabis. However, through a loophole using hemp derived THC and keeping the percentage of THC below .3% by weight of each gummy. There is a new product that has taken off like a rocket ship over the state of Kansas and all across the United States with KC Hemp Co.® legal delta 9 gummies.

Currently, we offer two different strengths: 200mg THC or 100mg THC with 10 gummies per pack. They are a full spectrum extract with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. These gummies deliver a smooth, delicious fruity taste, allowing for a therapeutic dose of THC to hit your taste buds and endocannabinoid system. These edibles give you the wellness you're looking forand the best part is that no dispensary or medical card is needed! You can buy THC gummies online from KC Hemp Co.® and have them delivered directly to your front door with just a few taps on your mobile device or computer. 

Cannabis Candy so good, you’ll want to savor the flavor. 

Not safe for kids- these adults only cannabis candies are a tasty, easy way for you to get your daily dose of CBD and THC. These gummies are made with high-quality Delta-9 extract, which is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant unlike other synthetic molecules such as Delta 8 and HHC.  Delta 9 THC is the component within the plant that is responsible for the psychoactive effects typically associated with the "high" this compound is also directly associated with potential benefits such as reducing pain, aiding in sleep, anxiety, and lifting your mood. I  personally love to call these gummies "my attitude adjustment"

20mg THC and CBD in each Intergalactic Delta 9 Gummy

Our precise manufacturing and 3rd party lab testing ensures each one of our gummies are out-of-this-world good. These 200mg mixed packs of THC gummies have quickly become our number one seller on the website by customers all over country.

All of our Delta 9 products are federally legal, according to the 2018 Farm Bill because they contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC per weight. With third party lab results readily available to scan on the back of every bag. 

All natural flavors, vegan and gluten free they are sure to send your taste buds over the moon. Assorted packs of Intergalactic thc gummies boast flavors of lemon, cherry limeade, blue raspberry, grape, and strawberry. The strongest legal option on the market in Kansas and other states such as Nebraska and Iowa.. Customers can purchase online at or through one of our many retailers across Kansas in liquor stores and CBD shops. 

10mg THC and CBD in each All Mix’d up Delta 9 gummy

Not everyone is meant for space travel and for those who prefer a lighter dose of THC our 10mg thc and cbd All Mix’d Up pack is a great option to stay positive and love your life. Coming in the same assorted flavors as the intergalactic gummies Lemon, Cherry Limeade, Blue Raspberry, Grape and Strawberry. An hour after taking one of these and your mood will be singing a different tune. 

KC Hemp Co.® also offers single pack flavors in Strawberry Fields and Bohemian Raspberry, both of which are off the charts good! These two single flavor packs come in 100mg per bag with 10 gummies in each pack. 

How much should I take?

If you have tried gummies from a dispensary before, stick to your normal dose when consuming these edibles. If you have never tried cannabis edibles before then you will want to start low and slow until you find the right dose for you. 

For some people that is nothing more than a nibble eating 2mg or a half gummy for 5mg thc. If you have never eaten thc gummies before we recommend starting with no more than 5mg (half of a 10mg gummy) wait at least 2-3 hours before consuming anymore. You might find this dose hits perfectly putting you in a cool, calm, and collected state. Great, don’t push it! But if you're not feeling the desired effects you're looking for then try a whole one on your next dosing. Still nothing after 10mg? Then like many you might want to graduate to the intergalactic instead of the 10mg dose. 

Everyone processes cannabis a little differently and many factors play into how our body uptake the cannabinoids. Factors such as Age, Sex, Height and weight are not good indicators of where a person's sweet spot might be.

Some state a rule of thumb as 1mg THC per 10 pound of body weight. While this sounds logical it can lead to some undesirable effects so be sure to start low and slow no matter how big or small the number on the scale says you might be. 

How long until it kicks in?

Consuming any edibles will have a delayed effect and again is “highly” dependent on how efficient one's digestion, metabolizing and endocannabinoid system is operating. Most typically it will take between 20-45 minutes for the psychoactive effects of the cannabinoids to kick in, usually peeking around 1.5 hours after consumption. Although (and especially if consuming after eating a large meal) it can take up to two hours before any desired effects are felt. 

Again start low and slow and pay attention to when the begin to “feel something” this will help you gauge when to time your daily dose whether consuming to help with chronic pain management, aiding in sleep, relieving stress and anxiety, just wanting to enjoy a good concert or laying back on the couch enjoying some netflix and chill. Whatever your reason for consuming KC Hemp Co.® Delta 9 gummies we won’t judge and neither should you. We just ask that you enjoy them responsibly. 

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