CBD and arthritis

Does CBD help with Arthritis?

Arthritis and CBD


Arthritis pain. We all seem to have it in some form or another. So, what exactly is arthritis and how can CBD possibly help? Arthritis pain can rear its ugly head from young to old and although we commonly think of arthritis as something that surfaces as we age, it can and does start at all ages. Let’s first discuss the 6 most common types of arthritis and how each one can surface within us followed by an overview of how CBD can potentially play an important role in fighting our bodies war on inflammation.


Types of Arthritis


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. This is, more simply put, the wear and tear arthritis. More than 3 million Americans are diagnosed with osteoarthritis every year. The main culprit is lifestyle. Whether you’re a hair stylist who is repeatedly using their hands to cut, curl, wash, and dry hair, or a construction worker who is standing, bending, lifting and carrying heavy materials, our daily way of life can take its toll on the body. It isn’t just high impact professions that take a toll on the body. Any “desk job” that requires a person to sit stationary can take a toll on our hips, backs, shoulders and neck with stagnant energy in the body. Most of us live a lifestyle that will create areas in our bodies that osteoarthritis loves. It’s simply inflammation caused by everyday living, the good news is CBD loves going to war with inflammation. Check out our article on types of CBD to find the best weapon for attacking your bodies inflammation. Other than trying CBD, you may consider adding a small amount of daily yoga geared towards greasing our creaky gears.


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is another common type of arthritis that occurs mostly in individuals over 50 years of age. It most heavily effects females and is caused by an autoimmune disorder that primarily targets one’s joints. Rheumatoid arthritis causes stiffness, tender and painful joints. Whether it’s in your ankles, knees, hips, or elbows, it can be a pain in the neck that’s constantly there. The autoimmune disease that causes this type of arthritis takes the cells your body makes and turns them into anti-bodies that attack your immune system. Research has shown taking CBD can help you arm your system with troops ready to fight back to protect your immune system from these free radical traitors looking to harm its own defense system.


Psoriatic Arthritis (PA) is considered an autoimmune disorder that primarily effects the skin and joints. Symptoms manifest as itchy, some swelling, and a buildup of dead skin as the immune disorder attacks healthy cells. Applying a tincture of CBD directly on the skin might possibly help curb symptoms. Psoriatic Arthritis is also highly linked with other conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol. If this is the case for you, we highly suggest researching what a plant-based diet may be able to do for you.



Fibromyalgia try saying that five times fast. Fibromyalgia is often developed in people already suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other possible underlying conditions. It causes body-wide pain and tiredness. Essentially what happens within the body is pain receptors through the central nervous system get turned up creating a pressure feeling. The endocannabinoid system has shown to work directly with the Central Nervous System, so it is quite possible that using an oral tincture can help ease the fight or flight mechanisms within the body. Fibromyalgia can cause higher levels of stress creating mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Check out our blog on depression and anxiety to learn more way CBD can help with these conditions.


Gout can be a true menace. Often times it comes on from poor diet or drinking too much alcohol. This also applies with extreme consumptions of red meat, shellfish, highly processed foods, breads, and sugary drinks. So, yeah, a typical American diet, right? If for whatever reason you find yourself with gout be sure to keep some CBD lotion on hand. Our KC Hemp Co. lotion with added peppermint, camphor, and menthol that might help cool the problem area. If gout is a recurring problem for you, definitely find a diet that can help you steer clear of the common “problem foods”.


Juvenile Arthritis (JA) affects nearly 300,000 children and teens in the United States every year. Juvenile arthritis is a blanket term for inflammation and rheumatic diseases that develop in kids under 16 years old. It most commonly occurs as autoimmune disorders when healthy cells get confused and begin attacking other healthy cells creating tenderness, pain and swelling mostly affecting the skin and internal organs. It is less prevalent in the joints as we have seen in other forms of arthritis. 


For many of us, arthritis is like the annoying little brother that can be hard to tune out as we move through our daily lives. Just like trying to throw a pair of headphones on or sneak to a quiet spot in the backyard to run away from the annoyance, we look for ways to try and quiet the pain of arthritis. Luckily nature has given us many tools to help fight back the inflammation through the foods we eat and the natural medicines we put in our bodies. Using CBD for arthritis is a growing trend, and for good reason. CBD is clinically proven to help fight internal inflammation, what better place to start getting your life back on track and pain free?




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