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KC Hemp Co.® Offers Best Cannabis Edibles In Kansas City

When it comes to THC edibles, consumers in Kansas have numerous options. They can enjoy gummies, chocolates, cannabis-infused drinks, and more! Even if you don’t have a medical marijuana card! That’s right, Hemp derived Delta-9 THC is legal to sell for retailers on both sides of the State line in Kansas and Missouri. Hemp derived products give you a wide range of options on your cannabis edibles experience. So long as the THC level remains below .3% by dry weight. For manufactures like KC Hemp Co. this just means make a bigger, heavier gummy and apply the same 10-20mg THC per serving to get the same euphoric buzz we all so desperately want. 

THC-dominant edibles are mainly taken for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, some edibles may contain negligible amounts of THC and instead have a different dominant cannabinoid, quite often CBD. CBD gummies like the ones KC Hemp Co. carries do not contain any THC therefore non-psychoactive. These gummies are great for taking the edge off of anxiety without the buzz. 

Another cannabinoid whose popularity has grown immensely in the past several years is delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC distillate is a relatively thick and translucent oil that has been stripped of all impurities, primarily it is synthesized from CBD. Due to lack of regulations Delta-8 products can be dangerous when not properly “washed” in the chemical process of turning CBD into Delta-8. For this reason we highly encourage consumers to always check 3rd party labs verifying its purity. Only purchase delta8 products from a pure, clean, trusted source.  leaving behind a clear and highly pure distillate. This distillate is then used to make edibles. Delta-8 edibles are less potent than Delta-9 edibles but you still need to be careful on dosing. Typically speaking a 25mg Delta-8 edible is equivalent to the strength of a 12.5mg Delta-9 THC edible. 

If you are looking to get the best cannabis edibles in Kansas City, then it's important that you understand the key difference between delta-8 edibles vs. delta-9 edibles and  CBD edibles vs. THC edibles. Each type offers unique benefits, depending on the effects you're looking for. Fortunately, KC Hemp Co.® offers all three CBD, Delta8, and federally compliant Delta9 edibles. So no matter your preference we have the best hemp derived edibles for you. 

What Are Edibles?

Edibles are foods and beverages containing cannabis or cannabinoids. They encompass a vast variety of products from coffee, sodas, chocolates, gummies, and brownies, to name a few. 

Cannabis plants naturally produce over 400 chemical entities. Of this, about 80-100 are cannabinoids, with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) being the most prevalent.

Although human studies into the newer cannabinoids like delta-8 are lacking, rigorous animal studies point towards potential medical benefits.

Cannabinoids are infused in foods and drinks to create a safer and tastier alternative to smoking and vaping. Unlike other consumption methods, edibles must first pass through the digestive system before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Different edible companies have their unique process of creating treats. This means that cannabinoid ratios, taste, and potency vary significantly from one edible to another so be sure to read the labels. Buying cannabis edibles from a pure, clean and trusted company will ensure you get the desired experience the same every time. 

How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Metabolize?

Edibles are processed differently in the body, and their effects will hit you much differently than vaping or smoking. It's necessary that novices know what to expect before trying edibles. Always start with a low dose no more than 10mg of THC. It can often take the effect of cannabis edibles 1-2 hours to be absorbed into the body before you start to feel any effects whatsoever. This is where most people get in trouble by doubling up too soon. 

To contrast, when you smoke, or vape marijuana, the onset of effects is felt almost instantly. Smoking/Vaping cannabis leads to a quick onset of effects that fades within 30 to 90 minutes.   Edibles tend to be more potent and will last much longer due to the slower absorption through the digestive tract. (6-14hours).

Basically, edibles take much longer to produce effects because the infused cannabinoid is first processed in the stomach, then metabolized in the liver before being absorbed into the bloodstream and brain.

Edibles have a low bioavailability of 4-12%. Simply put, when you consume an edible, only 4-12% of the available CBD or THC gets absorbed into your bloodstream. But with such a low bioavailability, what makes edible effects so potent?

Theoretically speaking, when THC is metabolized in the liver, it is converted into a metabolite 11-hydroxy-THC. Experts suggest that 11-hydroxy-THC is way more potent than its progenitor, THC.

In a study that compared 11-hydroxy-THC vs. THC, volunteers were given equal doses of either compound. The researchers found that 11-hydroxy-THC produced a faster onset of more potent psychoactive effects than THC.

The downside to consuming edibles is that the delayed onset of effects easily makes some consumers go overboard with dosing. The overwhelming effects of consuming too many edibles are unlike anything you'd want to experience. A good rule of thumb for beginners is to consume the recommended one edible dose and patiently wait for the effects to kick in.

What Is The Difference Between CBD Edibles and THC Edibles

THC edibles vs. CBD edibles is a topic creating an uproar among medical consumers. Studies show that CBD and THC possess a boatload of medical and therapeutic benefits. And though extracted from the same plant, these two products differ significantly.

As the name implies, CBD edibles are foods and beverages containing CBD. The benefits offered by CBD edibles are similar to those given by other CBD products. CBD products enthusiasts mainly rever its incredible ability to provide medical benefits without intoxicating or getting you high. People tend to consume CBD daily as a health supplement. Anecdotal evidence has backed up CBDs' effectiveness in alleviating anxiety, promoting better sleep, and relieving pain.

On the other hand, THC edibles tend to offer closely similar therapeutic effects as CBD, including relieving pain, alleviating anxiety, and reducing nausea. But unlike CBD, THC is intoxicating and will get you high. Additionally, edibles with THC amounts above 0.3% are considered illegal in most states. That's because the current federal law states anything over  .3% THC is considered marijuana. When buying THC edibles, you want to ensure the THC amount contained is within the legal limit (0.3% or less by dry weight). Unless you have a medical card or in a state with a legal adult use program. 

Delta 8 Edibles vs. Delta 9 edibles

Delta-8 THC edibles are created by infusing a delta-8 distillate to different treats like gummies. Delta-8 and delta-9 are both types of THC, meaning that they are quite similar in many aspects.

And although the two cannabinoids produce similar psychoactive effects, they possess significant differences. Delta-8 edibles are mildly psychoactive and only half as potent as delta-9 edibles. You would have to consume twice the dose of delta-8 to experience the same effects as a single dose of delta-9 THC.

Additionally, while high doses of delta-9 THC edibles are associated with side effects like anxiety and paranoia, the high of delta-8 edibles is typically milder and smoother, but can still cause an onset of anxiety and paranoia when over consumed. Currently, delta-8 THC edibles are considered federally legal so long as they are derived from industrial hemp NOT from marijuana. Delta-8 has been banned or restricted in at least 18 states so you will want to double check your local State laws before purchasing. In Kansas Delta 8 is in a total gray area. The law currently  reads that all THC isomers beyond .3% are illegal. Be careful processing and consuming Delta-8 in Kansas.

Buy The Best Edibles In Kansas City Online

There are plenty of online dispensaries selling edibles today. However, consumers need to note these edibles have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And while some edibles may not be as effective as others, some may not contain the advertised ingredients.

When buying edibles in Kansas City online, you want to be extra vigilant. Do your research and compare product prices between different brands. Consider the type, purity, and potency of the product before placing an order. At KC Hemp Co.® we pride ourselves in manufacturing our CBD products locally in a USDA certified organic facility using only certified organic CBD and MCT oil. Customers can be sure that when they purchase THC gummies or CBD gummies they will get a clean and consistent experience every time. 

A product certificate of analysis (COA) shows the exact amount of cannabinoids in the product, its potency, and purity. The COA also confirms that the product is free of harmful contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. Strictly buy edibles online from a reputable hemp company that provides proof of independent third-party testing and readily avails their products' COA. Want to see our lab reports? Click here

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