Stock Up On New Delta 9 Edibles From KC Hemp Co.®

Stock Up On New Delta 9 Edibles From KC Hemp Co.®

If you are looking for the best vegan CBD gummies in the midwest, KC Hemp Co.® is the place to shop. New Delta 9 THC edibles could provide significant health and wellness benefits. This guide explores the improved features of delta 9 and the best products available right now. We will help you answer questions like"is delta 9 legal in Kansas?" and "where can I find the best vegan CBD gummies?"


THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. It has been recognized for years as the main psychoactive component in marijuana or the reason that people experience a high. It is one of the more than 500 different substances that can be sourced from the plant. The use of cannabis dates back thousands of years. It has a place in the history and development of countries like China, America, and the whole of Europe. There are countless variants of THC, and some provide more benefits than others.

What Is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 is a THC variant. It is the same cannabinoid molecule that is typically associated with the intoxicating effects that are generally experienced when using cannabis products. Present in both marijuana as well as industrial hemp, it has a potency that is under 0.3% in the raw plant material. Due to this, according to the FDA, Delta-9 THC products can be sold legally in states across America.


Similar to any other THC products, Delta-9 THC can be used to get high and experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis. While anyone can use Delta-9 THC products such as edibles, it is worth starting by taking no more than 5mg. Once you feel comfortable with this level, you can then think about increasing your dosage. Do be aware that everyone reacts differently to THC products due to a number of biological reasons.  If you take a product like this at night for the first time, you can get a good feeling of how it will impact you in the future. Most people will feel the impact of Delta 9 after about forty-five minutes.

How Does Delta 9 Differ From Delta 8?

The main difference between delta 8 and delta 9 is that the latter provides a better fit for the cannabinoid receptors in our brain. The two products are also extracted in different ways. Delta 8 is synthesized, and therefore, it is possible that various other substances can impact the integrity of the product, including heavy metals. Delta 9 can be extracted using CO2. This means that it is a completely clean product with no chance of it being contaminated with other ingredients or chemicals.


Of course, the main difference comes in terms of the impact that the two products provide. Delta 9 is considered to be significantly more potent when compared with delta 8. Some reports suggest that it may be twice as strong. This might increase the risk of some side effects in certain individuals, such as anxiety and mental fog. This is why it is important to start with a lower dose, particularly if this is your first time exploring delta 9 edibles.


Delta 8 also works far more slowly compared to delta 9. Using delta 9 will provide a rapid and almost instantaneous change that most people will feel immediately. Both products can be consumed in a variety of different forms.

For more information on the difference between THC isomers 

Possible Health And Wellness Benefits

Using delta 9 may provide certain health and wellness benefits for some individuals. Delta 9 is thought by some people to provide pain relief or inflammatory properties, similar to various other THC products. For this reason, it has become a major hit in the fitness industry in particular.


Some people believe that delta 9 edibles can help to relieve pain or soreness after a workout. It might help reduce issues with pain caused by physical injuries such as strains in the muscles and joints.


Delta 9 might also help with the symptoms of DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. People commonly experience this type of pain after an intense or rigorous workout. While some people find that DOMS disappears by itself, others can experience the effects for days or even weeks after the initial training.


You might also find that you get a better night of rest after taking delta 9. Some users have reported an impact on sleep quality and duration. Others suggest that after taking delta 9, they could function far more effectively overall and experienced increased levels of productivity.


Delta 9 could also lead to lower feelings of stress and anxiety. Some people find that they feel more relaxed after taking a delta 9 edible. However, it is important to note that while these could be benefits of using Delta 9 they are far from guaranteed. Various individuals report different effects from delta 9, while some people feel no different after using it.

Features Of THC Edibles


Our delta 9 gummies are available in 100mg packs and 200 mg packs. They also come in a variety of different flavors, including Bohemian Raspberry, Strawberry Fields, and an All Mix'd up of delicious all natural fruity flavors. Each pack consists of 10 mouthwatering gummies at an approximate 1:1, CBD:THC full spectrum cannabinoid profile.  As required by state and federal law, these products contain less than .3% total THC by weight of each gummy. To ensure that they match legal guidelines, these products are slightly larger than typical edibles but just as tasty. Delta 9 edibles take a little more time to produce an effect as you will need to wait for the THC to enter your bloodstream. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for full effect. 


Our THC edibles are only sourced from top-quality organic hemp. All our products are also tested for potency and purity by a 3rd party lab to ensure that they are effective at providing medicinal effects and ideal for recreational activities.


You can also try our CBD edibles. These 0% THC products will provide medicinal benefits without the associated high of THC. 100% vegan, these products can be used at the start of the day and night to help with issues such as energy levels and potentially improve your sleeping habits. You might also want to try our CBD edibles as a way to help with issues like anxiety or even chronic pain caused by a range of long-term medical conditions.


We hope this helps you understand everything you need to know about delta 9 THC and why you should start stocking up on these incredible organic edibles from award winning KC Hemp Co. today.


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