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Tinctures vs. Extracts - Learn More About Various Forms of CBD

CBD tinctures are still a relatively new concept for the general public which begs the question: What is a CBD tincture? What are the different types of CBD? We’re KC Hemp Co.®, and we have the answers to these questions and more. We’re producers of pure, handcrafted CBD products in Kansas and the surrounding areas and our products and services are award-winning for a reason. If you’ve ever searched for “best CBD tinctures near me,” you’ve probably seen us. We’re also expanding our services to a regional area because we believe in bringing our transparent process and fully organic products to everyone who needs them.


Whether you’re looking for CBDa tinctures, expert advice on tinctures vs. extracts, or wondering if you should pick full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products, KC Hemp Co®. has the right answers. We also have the right products for your needs, crafted by hand and in small batches with only the best ingredients naturally available.


We’re the leading producers of CBDa tinctures in the Kansas area and below, we’ll discuss the various forms of CBD tinctures, how they differ from other extracts, and what kinds of health benefits they can provide.

Different Types of CBD

There are a plethora of different cannabinoids based products on the market, so you may be understandably confused about which kinds are suited for your needs. We understand; there’s a reason why the most common question we field is “what are the different types of CBD?” The fact is that the CBD label covers a wide variety of products, consisting of many different cannabinoids beyond just CBD. Some are great for helping you get to sleep, and others are more suited to pain management and stress relief.

 Finding the right CBD product for your needs is vital for making sure that it’s fully effective. Generally speaking, there are three different types of CBD products: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates. Below is a description of each type and its particular strengths. KC Hemp Co. is here to help you find the right product. We know what a difference the natural goodness of CBD extracts can have in your life, and we want to help you reap the benefits. We’re famous in the Kansas area for a reason: the best CBD tinctures near you.


Full-spectrum CBD products are made with the entirety of the cannabis sativa plant, including the THC. You may be aware that THC is the compound that causes the psychoactive effects many people associate with cannabis usage, commonly referred to as the “high.” While full-spectrum CBD does include the THC, it is typically in small amounts of 0.3% or less, which allows the CBD product to replicate the calming effects of the full cannabis plant without producing the same “high.” CBD products are safe to use by anyone who is looking to avoid feeling high while still feeling soothed.

broad spectrum cbd oil tincture


Conversely, broad-spectrum is made from almost all of the plant, except for the THC. These products are good for a range of pain relief, anti-anxiety and restorative tinctures. These are a great option for anyone needing or looking to stay away from THC for whatever reason.


CBD isolates are made only from the cannabidiol itself and contain none of the other cannabinoids present in the plant.

CBD Tinctures: What Are They?

What is a CBD tincture? These are the CBD extracts suspended in a carrier oil. Our carrier oil of choice is coconut oil for its health benefits and efficacy in binding to lipids in the body, allowing the CBD to work its magic. Often, the difference between tinctures and other extracts is in the extraction process itself, whether it uses an alcohol- or carbon dioxide-based extraction method. 


Each method produces different effects, with some tinctures containing more CBD while others have a longer shelf life. Local CBD manufacturers near you, like KC Hemp Co. and our award-winning blends, can help you choose the best kind of tincture for your needs.


Some people prefer to blend their tinctures with drinks to mask the taste, but many of our tinctures are full of their own unique flavor. We recommend experimenting with different options to see which appeals to you. The goal is to make the tincture consumption process more pleasant so that the powerful therapeutic benefits of CBD can work for you.

Which is Better: Tinctures or Extracts?

Tinctures vs. extracts: Which is better? We hear the question a lot. Gonna have to go with a tincture on this one. Tinctures are often more helpful because they contain terpenes, and other nutrients, as well as additional cannabinoids. Tinctures are typically a more complete CBD solution for a wider range of needs. For instance our Clarity tincture is a combination of CBDa, CBD, and a terpene profile including limonene and citral formulated to give your brain an uplifting boost. 


KC Hemp Co. produces top-quality tinctures, and you’ll be able to taste and feel the difference in every dose. This is because we handcraft our products in small batches so we can thoroughly test them for the proper levels and blend them with exceptional care and attention to detail. The result is a superior tincture that will leave you with no doubt: We’ve got the best CBD tinctures near you—or anywhere!

Pure. Clean. Trusted. CBD products

Trust in Our Tinctures

There’s a reason why we’re a leading CBD manufacturer in Kansas. Our award-winning products offer the highest quality tinctures on the market, and when it comes to your wellness, shouldn’t you have the best? Our plants are the purest and cleanest you can find. We would only put organic natural CBD products in our own bodies, so that’s what we bring to you. KC Hemp Co. believes in the power of using natural ingredients to keep our bodies strong and healthy, and the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol are no exception.


Give our CBD products a try and see the difference that pure and natural processes make. We guarantee you’ll feel better with our high-quality products. Sleep better. Feel calmer. There’s no need to grab your phone and search “best CBD manufacturers near me,” because you’ve already found us! Enjoy Mother Nature’s organic oils for the stresses of everyday life with KC Hemp Co.’s market-leading CBD tinctures.

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