Top Reasons to Add KC Hemp Co.® CBD Wholesale Products

Top Reasons to Add KC Hemp Co.® CBD Wholesale Products

Did you know until the year 1937 Cannabis tinctures and oils were once widely sold by mom and pop general stores? Then, for 80+ years cannabis products were essentially wiped off the planet deemed the “devil's lettuce” in a wrongful attack on human rights. 

Yet, here we are in 2022 and the pendulum has swung back in the name of health-based cannabis products. Today you can once again walk into mom and pop retailers all across the country and buy CBD or Delta 9 THC consumables along with a slough of other minor cannabinoid based products. 

If you own your own business, adding a federally compliant Delta 9 edible or CBD wholesale product might make a lot of sense! Offering these products can be that extra revenue boost your business has been looking for. Here’s our top reasons why you should choose the KC Hemp Co.® wholesale program. 

Reason #1 


No matter what your small business may be--Chiropractor, liquor store, massage therapist, or Golf Pro Shop, the reality is you already have a stream of customers who keep coming back to you because they trust your goods and services. As a business owner you are always looking for ways to add additional revenue streams on current customers as well as find ways to reach new customers. 

Adding locally made CBD and Delta products in Kansas City is a great way to boost your average customer orders by an additional $60 of revenue per customer! 

Reason #2


KC Hemp Co.® was established in Downtown Overland Park in 2018 before the Farm Bill was even passed which federally legalized industrial hemp. In the past 5 years we have built a foundation of trust amongst the community by providing Pure. Clean. Trusted CBD and minor cannabinoid based tinctures, gummies, and lotions

Winning numerous awards, most recently being crowned Kansas City’s best CBD company and Best Delta 8 edible by the readers of Pitch KC magazine, means that your company will be associated with the best of the best KC has to offer! This recognition will ensure people will trust what is on your shelves.

Reason #3

CUSTOMER LOYALTY: your customers will keep coming back for more!

When you carry KC Hemp Co.® CBD and Delta-9 you are providing your customers with the purest, cleanest and highest quality CBD and THC products on the market. You will often hear your customers coming back for more and telling you the positive impact that the cannabis products have had on them. KC Hemp Co.® has masterfully crafted the best tasting and most effective products on the market. For many people, these products are life changing. When you offer KC Hemp Co.® your customers will thank you by coming back for more time, and time again.


Reason #4 


Many wholesalers want you to buy in advance. As a small business ourselves we understand the constraints many businesses face with inventory. Because of this we have low minimum orders and allow you to mix and match. Start with as little as 6 units or as many as 500 units. We are here to cater to your needs.

Reason #5


We pride ourselves on taking care of customers and clients. We are here to support your business. We can provide cannabis education and consult with you on each and every product we offer and beyond to answer you and your customers' questions. Want us to come speak to your entire staff? That’s no problem, let's educate!

Now that your ready to generate more revenue, build loyalty with your customers, and carry Kansas City’s most trusted source in CBD and THC products contact 

Reason #6 


The times have really changed, especially in the past 2-3 years. People everywhere have begun accepting cannabis based products for the healing powers they can possess. It’s no longer the reefer madness and stoner stigmas that define cannabis based products. Offering your customers pure, clean, trusted cannabis products is something to celebrate and you will love hearing the stories your customers will tell you when they return to purchase more!


Delta-9 edibles choose between our 3 different flavor packs Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, or a mixed pack of 5 flavors! These gummies come in 10mg or 20mg options.

Relief Lotion is a popular choice amongst massage therapists, chiropractors and health spas. Our relief lotion makes a great “premium service” upcharge as well as sending your clients home with a bottle as a retail purchase. Great for those customers looking for relief from arthritis and joint pain spot treating topically.

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