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Will Delta 8 Get Me High?


Delta 8 does in fact have psychotropic properties capable of leaving a person feeling the effects in a similar fashion to it’s more well known cannabinoid brother Delta 9 THC. Let’s explore a little more on what delta 8 is, along with how it compares to Delta 9 THC. 

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Although Delta 8 is a new product on retailer shelves, it has actually been studied for over 50 years much like Delta 9. Structurally the compounds are very similar cannabinoids. Both cannabinoids are analgesic meaning they have the potential to help with pain, but do come with side effects in consumers. Those negative effects can include red/dry eyes, panic attacks in high doses, short-term memory loss and paranoia.

Studies by the Godfather of the Endocannabinoid System himself Dr. Raphael Mechoulam showed that those negative effects generally occur at much lower rates in Delta 8 versus Delta 9. In 1995, a study performed by Dr. Mechoulam also showed some powerful promise that Delta 8 helped lessen the sickening effects of chemotherapy in children receiving cancer treatments. 


This really depends on where you live. With passage of the 2018 Farm Bill into federal law, all hemp related products were deemed federally legal so long as the Delta 9 THC level was below 0.3%. However, in August, 2020 the DEA added delta-8 and all tetrahydrocannabinols to the list of controlled substances. Thus broadening its stance against THC making D8 federally illegal.

That hasn’t stopped the rapidly growing popularity in Delta 8 products amongst all but 11 States where it remains illegal. Delta 8 products have gained massive popularity in states where medical and recreational marijuana are not accessible such as Kansas, which is one of only four states in the country to have no form of legislation for consuming cannabis. Delta-8 products give us an alternative by technicality due to the specific language about only Delta-9 THC being considered illegal above 0.3% NOT Delta-8. 

You will want to check your own state and local laws to ensure they do not have their laws against Delta-8 products. 

States Where Delta-8 is NOT legal. 

Rhode Island
& Utah


What's the difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9? 

As we discussed in our previous blog about Types of CBD there are 100+ known isolated cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Delta-8 THC is one of them. Delta 8 occurs naturally in the cannabis plant but in very small doses compared to more common cannabinoids like CBD and Delta 9. The difference between D8 and D9 compounds is nothing more than a small molecular change. Delta-8 has a double bond on the eighth carbon instead of the ninth. Otherwise the compounds are virtually the same. But, c’mon who really knows the difference between this double bond unless you A'ced chemistry, let me break it down for you in layman's terms:

Imagine you're trying to open an antique roll top desk that is locked. You have a pocket full of skeleton keys. One of them fits perfectly in the lock, however one or two others might be able to work its way into opening the lock. Well, Delta-8 is that second key. Maybe it doesn’t fit perfectly into the endocannabinoid receptor site but it will still illicit a similar response giving it a half strength psychotropic effect. This slightly less perfect fit means it won’t be quite as potent in providing a full blown high that is often associated with it’s perfect fitting key, counterpart Delta-9. 


Let’s play, I spy. Look at the picture above and see if you can spot the difference. Do you see it? That's how closely related these two compounds are. So yes, delta-8 products will get you high and you will want to take caution when beginning use of products such as Delta-8 Gummies. Just like with any cannabis product it is best to start low and go slow. Especially when consuming cannabis compounds consisting of psychotropic edible products such as delta 8 THC. 

Ways to take Delta 8 

Delta 8 products come in many of the same popular forms as CBD and other cannabis related products. Gummies, vapes and tinctures tend to be the most popular products on the market today.

When purchasing delta 8 products, always start with a low dose and slowly work your way up to your personal, optimal dose. Doing so will ensure you do not take an uncomfortable dose amounting to any negative effects. Five milligrams of delta 8 is a reasonably low dose to start with. This will be a perfect dose for some folks and barely felt by others. This is why it is so important to begin responsibly.  

Delta 8 for sleep

Delta 8 has shown promise for people who have trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep. As an alternative to other sleep aids such as melatonin, using a d8 tincture before bed can potentially have drastic results in getting better quality sleep. We at KC Hemp Co.® have specifically formulated our “Relax” Tincture by combining 600mg of Delta 8 with 600mg of CBD with added Blue Zkittles terpene blend that not only give this tincture a great taste but also added effects helpful in rest and relaxation. Terpenes play a pivotal role in how cannabinoids interact with our Endocannabinoid System.  


Delta 8 for anxiety

Just like we discussed in our CBD and anxiety blog, cannabinoids are a great way to try and curb anxiety. Delta 8 THC tinctures give an added punch to those pesky anxieties that like to hang around and consume our mind. In our game changing newest line of tinctures, the Elevated Experience Collection, we present the “Revive” Tincture. This product combines 600mg of CBD oil and 600mg Delta 8 per bottle with an added terpene blend from the Tropicana Cookies cannabis strain that is ideal for daytime use. This sativa dominant strain provides an uplifting effect shown to potentially manage your stress and anxiety. 

Looking for ways to lower stress and anxiety? Try adding these 6 ways to reduce stress and anxiety into your daily routine.

 delta 8 elevated experience tinctures

Looking to try something for both Daytime and Nighttime help? Try our one-two punch with a pair of our elevated experience tinctures


Delta-8 Gummies like any psychotropic edible should be used carefully in order to find your optimal dose. Too much and you can put yourself in a possible uncomfortable situation. Remember this compound, although lesser than Delta-9 side effects, can still cause a negative experience if taken in too high of a dose. We recommend starting with 5-10mg of Delta-8 gummies before working up to a full 25mg dose. Wait at least a good 2 hours before deciding whether to take more. This waiting period is important because it can take the digestive system some time to break down the gummy and be up-taken into our bloodstream. This is especially true if you have eaten a big meal before administering the Delta-8 edible as it will take your stomach more time to process. 


Looking for Delta 8 tinctures and gummies in Kansas City? If you live in Johnson County, we will deliver straight to your door. All of our KC Hemp Co. products are Third party lab tested to ensure you’re getting a safe, and reliable product with every dose. 




**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This blog is not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent in health conditions please consult your doctor before starting any new supplements.







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