CBD and Fitness

Your Health: Fitness and CBD

What does health mean to you?

Does being healthy mean you don’t have any illnesses or injuries? Does it mean being free of pharmaceuticals? Is your health defined by your mental or physical well-being? It has come to show that being “healthy” encompasses all of those qualities. Health is reflected by your physical, mental and spiritual wellness. 2020 took a toll on us all, so for 2021, we want to provide you with the knowledge and tools to take your health into your own hands!


Fitness and CBD go hand in hand when transforming your health, both mentally and physically. Not only can fitness transform your physical health, but it can propel your mental health at the same time. Using CBD in conjunction with your fitness routine can help you recover quickly from those workouts and keep you focused on your end goal! 

Weightlifting and CBD

Ways fitness can improve health and why it’s important to make it a daily practice

As we step into 2021, there is the inevitable conversation about goal setting and resolutions. One topic that always seems to be at the front of everyone’s mind at the start of a new year is the goal to “get in shape.” Starting a new exercise routine or exploring fitness for the first time can be incredibly daunting, so it is important to understand the value of fitness, beyond just meeting some arbitrary resolution. I would challenge you to view physical fitness as more than just a number on a scale or weights on a bar—it is an essential element of overall wellness, one that stretches far beyond strength or endurance.


Joy, happiness, positivity, motivation, good vibes…whatever it is that you’re after as 2021 begins, it starts with wellness. Emotional, mental, and physical wellness are like strands of a rope. While you can have one without the other, the strongest cord is inextricably woven together, each part making the whole tougher, and better.


Physical fitness is a key component of overall wellbeing. It profoundly impacts every other aspect of your health and provides you with a foundation for lifelong wellness. But before you embark on a new fitness journey, be sure to understand the  “why” behind exercise. Why is it important? How can it improve our quality of life?

 CBD and Fitness

Fitness Makes You Healthier for Longer

First some facts--stick with me, this stuff is important!


Studies show that increasing physical activity can reduce the risk of certain types of cancers, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Exercise can even help prevent dementia, reduce the effects of depression, and provide respite from chronic anxiety. Why is it so effective? Cardiovascular exercise strengthens your heart muscle and optimizes blood flow, allowing every body system to work more optimally. Consistent exercise and intentional movement reduces inflammation, improves function, and creates habits that foster strength and resilience. 


Doctors are increasingly prescribing exercise as the primary treatment for many conditions. A variety of illnesses, from heart disease to diabetes can be dramatically impacted by an appropriate, consistent fitness routine. Exercise can even reverse some conditions and provide relief from chronic symptoms. Simply put, exercise is medicine. 

Mental Health/Mood/Energy 

Regular exercise can have a profound impact on mental health as well. It increases the “feel good” chemicals, serotonin and dopamine, in the brain (sign me up!) as well as boosts energy and improves mood. Exercise not only clears out brain fog, it inspires confidence and self-esteem which are vital pieces that contribute to the landscape of mental and emotional health.


 Even more exciting, exercise can actually suppress the hormones that trigger anxiety and stress. There are very few things that we can do that have almost immediate results, but exercise is one of them. Even 10-15 minutes of movement can impact your mood in a positive way and provide last effects for the rest of your day. Does exercise make us happy, or do happy people just love to exercise more? I still haven’t worked that one out completely, but either way, I’m in!  

Fitness and CBD


One of the facets that is most incredible about humans is our innate desire to be with other humans—not just in terms of safety or practicality, but for something deeper and bigger. Humans seek community; we seek a common bond and a common mission with likeminded people. Amazingly, exercise can be the cornerstone of an incredibly meaningful and robust community.  ACSM’s Worldwide Study of Fitness Trends ranked “Group Fitness” as number two for three consecutive years in the hierarchy of types of workouts. Why is such a broad category considered so effective, regardless of which type of exercise is practiced? I believe the answer is obviously community.


Whether you attend group fitness classes in person, live stream workouts, have a running group, or an accountability partner, the bond of working towards a goal or getting through a tough workout is undeniable. In a year that has left so many feeling isolated or disconnected--the ability to find common ground and know others are doing the same thing you are doing, and—most importantly—feeling what you’re feeling, is a beautiful thing. Even when working out virtually, there is a connection and a feeling of shared accomplishment and achievement. And let’s not forget the collective eye roll when the instructor says, “10 more burpees!”


Low vs High intensity

Now that I’ve talked you into it (I totally did, right?), let’s explore a few different ways to get your body in motion. There are so many ways to build strength and train your heart, but success in fitness truly relies on finding what feels good to your body and aligns with your goals. A fitness routine is only effective if it is sustainable and enjoyable long term. So, while you explore ways to include more physical exercise into your life, remember to stay true to yourself in your fitness routine, just as you would do in other areas of your life.


Low impact movement


Walking, yoga, Pilates, swimming, cycling, rowing, and strength training are all amazing low impact exercises. If you are new to working out, have an injury, or are concerned about stress on your joints, low impact work may be a good fit for you. You can get a phenomenal workout without a single jump or hop by focusing on form and intensity.


High impact movement


HIIT training, Tabata, plyometrics, and running are a few examples of higher impact exercises. These are very effective in burning calories and building your cardio threshold. One of the biggest reasons to consider high impact exercise as a part of your routine is that it creates more muscle mass, which makes you not only physically stronger, but also makes you more resilient and protects you from fractures as you age ( and who’s not a fan of strong bones?!).



The Fusion method 


At Fusion Fitness, our method is about keeping your body guessing. In fact, “SHOCK YOUR BODY” is a phrase you hear repeated often in classes and written across tank tops. We never teach the same class twice, and there are no routines passed down from a corporate team. Instead, we meld together the best parts of multiple techniques including yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, Hiit, strength training, and cycle. There is a focus on form and quality of movement, as well as variations in intensity. Additionally, Fusion heavily emphasizes the development of community and interpersonal relationships, helping to make fitness a sustainable, meaningful part of your life for the long term.


CBD and Fitness


CBD has recently entered the fitness world as a new, legal, tool that helps build overall health and wellness. After searching for the highest quality CBD product we could, we found KC Hemp Co. A derivative of hemp, cannabidiol, or CBD, provides incredible benefits in terms of reducing inflammation and assisting with pain management. Not only can CBD help with your post-work out routine, it can be used before a challenging workout to help push you through when you’re feeling you want to give up. While in the fitness world we mostly use tinctures and creams to manage inflammation and pain resulting from overuse, arthritis, or even sports injuries, there are a number of CBD products that can target different types of symptoms. There are specific products to help address recurrent nausea, poor sleep, and even anxiety with quick and consistent relief. Even better, CBD has not been shown to have any of the concerning side effects of traditional pain management treatments and does not generate a “high” or otherwise alter cognitive function. Simply put, CBD can help you feel better and manage inflammation without impacting your ability to do what you love—which, hopefully, now means fitness! 


 CBD and fitness for mental health


Maya Angelo said “When you know better-you do better.” I submit that when you move better you are better, in every possible sense. Make 2021 your year to embrace not just a healthier, stronger you, but a better you.


-Joscelyn Gann

Fusion Fitness KC

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