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How to use CBD Oil

How to use CBD Oil?

You’ve purchased your first bottle of CBD oil. Congratulations, you have joined the likes of millions taking their health back with the natural healing powers of CBD, or cannabidiol oil. 

CBD is a phytocannabinoid found naturally within the cannabis sativa L plant better known separately as hemp and marijuana. What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? CBD is a major cannabinoid found within the plant and has shown promising therapeutic benefits. 

How do I get therapeutic effects from my CBD? 

It’s important to first note the type of cbd you are using. You can learn more about the types of cbd HERE. 

If you’re using a CBD oil tincture, the most common use is going to be sublingual (under the tongue.) By using the tincture dropper you will want to simply squirt the oil directly under the tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds before swallowing or drinking a liquid. 

This allows the oil to be absorbed directly through your sublingual glands under the tongue. Benefits of sublingual CBD are the absorption rate bring much higher than when it is ingested through an edible or cbd capsule. 

The only way more effective than sublingual, or under the tongue CBD, is through vaporization. Vaporizing cbd is the quickest and most effective way to uptake CBD. However, this method is not desirable for most people and depending on the solvents and carrier oils being used in the vape product, can cause more harm than good. 

How much CBD should I take?

If you have never taken CBD before, the best advice is go low and slow. Meaning start with a small dose and work your way up to your optimal dose. How do you know what an optimal dose should be?  

CBD dosing is not a one size fits all model, and it doesn’t really matter if your 90 pounds or 290 pounds. Your needs will vary depending on how efficient (or deficient) your Endocannabinoid System is. Some people's Endocannabinoid System works like a well oiled machine, while others work like a mule attached to a plow. The only way to know how well yours works is by  trial and error. 

A commonly used “rule of thumb” for the sublingual method is to start out by taking 1mg per 10 pounds of body weight. So if you're 150 pounds you’ll want to start with 15 milligrams of CBD. That would be roughly .75 ml of our KC Hemp Co. natural CBD oil tincture.  

A 250 pound adult will want a 25 mg dose of CBD to start. Now remember this is just an average baseline. If you’re using cbd products such as edibles like gummies this same general guideline also applies. For topicals like relief lotion it’s less imperative to follow the 1mg per 10 pound guideline.  

Curious about the different ways to take CBD oil? Learn more here Ways to take CBD oil

What is in CBD Oil?

Because CBD is a lipid based molecule, it needs another lipid to attach to in order to carry it into your Endocannabinoid System for absorption. We provide this lipid or “oil” by dissolving the CBD into a carrier oil. 

The two most popular carrier oils used in CBD tinctures are hemp oil and MCT coconut oil. At KC Hemp Co.® we use MCT coconut oil for a variety of reasons. The main reasons are: quicker and easier absorption into the bloodstream plus the fact that it is odorless and tasteless. 

The raw CBD has a very “earthy” taste. This is essentially a nice way of saying it tastes like dirt. We use a high yield distillate which when combined with the MCT coconut oil, makes a virtually tasteless product. 

How much is in each bottle?

Trying to decipher how much CBD is in each bottle can be rather tricky. In fact, it is a common question we get often. KC Hemp Co.® makes CBD oil tinctures that come in three strengths: 

  • 250mg
  • 500mg 
  • &1000mg

But what does that even mean? In most cases, CBD oil tinctures are labeled based on how much CBD is in the entire bottle, not just in one serving. To see how much is in each dropper, check out this dosing guide!


How much CBD should I take?

How much CBD should I take?

How much CBD should I take?

Always choose a CBD oil product that has been Third Party Lab tested to verify it has the correct amount of CBD in the bottle. Here is an example of a Third party lab test verifying our KC Hemp Co.® 500mg cbd oil tincture. 

If you need help finding the perfect product or optimal dose of CBD for you, please reach us at or by phone at 913-242-7380. As always, we are here for you and look forward to being able to help you in your journey to natural and holistic wellness through CBD and hemp based products!

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