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Lab Test Results

We take pride in our products here at KC Hemp Co. and it is our goal to be completely transparent with you as the consumer. We post our Third Party Testing in plain sight for anyone to see to show we are as honest and pure a company as possible.

We do not use fillers, additives or THC in our products and you can fact check us using the links below. We update this page as we get a new test batch in. We batch test EVERY. SINGLE. PRODUCT. 

We are working on bringing all of our manufacturing in house to have complete quality control of the product. We are excited to be able to re-launch our gummies and pain creams by the end of the year formulated by us and made right here in KC! Stay tuned!

Delta-9 full spectrum edibles 10mg and 20mg  

10mg thc full spectrum Strawberry fields gummies

10mg thc full spectrum Bohemian Raspberry gummies

10mg thc full spectrum All Mix'd Up gummies

20mg thc full spectrum Intergalactic gummies


500mg Mint and Natural Tinctures 3-13-22

Delta 8/CBD "Revive" Tincture 4-20-21

Delta 8/CBD "Relax" Tincture 4-20-21

Full Spectrum 600mg Tincture 7-19-21 

Full Spectrum 1200mg Tincture 7-19-21

CBD Relief Cream Lotion 250mg and 1,000mg bottles 6-29-21

1,000mg broad spectrum CBD Tincture 

250mg and 1,000mg bottles of CBD Relief Lotion 7-11-21

1200mg Full Spectrum CBD tincture 7-1-21

600mg Full Spectrum CBD tincture 7-1-21

250mg Mint CBD Tinctures 11-13-20

Broad Spectrum Raw Distillate (Used to create all of our tinctures)

500mg Mint CBD Tinctures 2-14-20

250mg Natural CBD Tinctures 2-14-20

250mg CBD Relief Cream lab reports

Raw Distillate Product, used in all production this point forward

500 Natural & Mint Tinctures 9/6/19

1000mg Natural & Mint Tinctures 8/12/19

250mg Natural Tinctures 9/6/19

500mg Natural & Mint Tinctures 6/10/19

500mg Natural & Mint Tinctures 5/20/19


1000mg Pain Cream 9/12/19

250mg Pain Cream 7/19/19

1000mg & 500mg MINT

1000mg NATURAL

500mg MINT



250mg MINT


500mg and 1,000mg gummies 

Not finding what you are looking for? Please e-mail for more information.

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