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We proudly source our hemp oil from certified organic farms in Colorado. This ensures that no heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides end up in your bottle of CBD. We then process it ourselves locally in Kansas City, at a USDA certified organic facility. Our broad spectrum oil is full of rich terpenes and cannabinoids but remains odorless and tasteless. This is in part due to using MCT oil as a carrier oil and high yield distillate. You won't find a better tasting or higher quality product on the market.


Heather Steppe | Co-Owner

Heather has spent her professional career in the health and fitness industry. She attended Kansas State University where she studied Chemistry and Dietetics. She is a part of the 2021 graduating class of Leadership Overland Park where she intends to use her community involvement to continue to represent the cannabis industry at the local and state levels in Kansas. Heather represents KC Hemp Co. and her Reform OP Initiative as a member of the Kansas Cannabis Coalition.

Heather's passion for the Hemp industry stemmed from her desire to keep her twin children off of pharmaceuticals after they began demonstrating signs of ADHD and anxiety. As a sufferer of ADHD herself, she medicated through conventional pharmaceuticals for years only to find how much they were essentially destroying her. Looking for an alternative, she decided to use CBD. After seeing how much CBD not only improved her quality of life but her children as well, she decided to devote her life to helping others stay off of pharmaceuticals and live a more natural and holistic lifestyle. Heather hopes to help others make this transition through education and personal testimony. 


Kyle Steppe | Co-Owner

Kyle graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Psychology. He spent several years working in the engineer recruiting field for large companies before he took his career into his own hands. Having graduated from the Leadership Overland Park program in 2020, he uses his leadership experience to serve on the board of the Kansas Cannabis Patients Advocates.

Kyle transformed his physical and mental life through his yoga practice, healthy eating habits and adopted a holistic approach to health. As a long-time proponent for cannabis research and legalization, he jumped at the opportunity to enter the CBD world. He has experienced first hand how to treat the body as a fine-tuned machine and provide it the necessary fuels to achieve optimal performance. CBD has played a major role in Kyle's life not only for him but for his adopted rescue dog who suffers from anxiety. It has worked wonders for them both and he is excited to bring hemp education and awareness to the Kansas City area.


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