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If you’re into alternative health products, you are probably familiar with CBD. An increasing amount of studies point to the physical and mental health benefits of using CBD. From weight loss to pain relief, CBD has numerous purposes. At KC Hemp, we sell CBD in Kansas in various forms, from oils to gummies.

How are CBD and marijuana different?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is part of a larger family of compounds like THC. The cannabinoids in marijuana include both THC and CBD, where THC is the more abundant one, and hence its effects are more dominant. Scientists found a way to isolate CBD, and this is what CBD stores usually sell, and these products have little to no THC.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the cannabinoid primarily responsible for the adverse side effects of smoking marijuana, such as increased appetite and restlessness. However, CBD, on its own, seems to be far more beneficial in terms of reducing anxiety and controlling appetite. Because CBD is found in smaller quantities in marijuana than THC, the adverse effects of THC overshadow those of CBD.

You can extract CBD from both cannabis and the hemp plant. Due to the legal complications of cannabis in the US, most manufacturers source CBD from the hemp plant, which naturally gives it almost zero THC content. If you’re looking for CBD in Kansas, head over to our site and check out our products.

The many health benefits of CBD

Research into the health benefits of CBD started as far back as in the 1980s. Now, countless research studies point to CBD being effective for multiple physical and mental health issues. Some patients of diseases like MS, fibromyalgia, and cancer found CBD to be effective in relieving pain.

CBD also seems promising for a variety of psychological issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Several studies concluded that people suffering from these issues found CBD to be effective in alleviating symptoms.

CBD is also a popular ingredient in a lot of weight loss supplements now due to its potential in reducing body fat. A recent study showed that CBD assists the conversion of stored fat into more metabolically active fat, and hence speeds up fat burning. Other studies also concluded that CBD supplementation helps with curbing appetite.

Is CBD illegal?

There is quite a bit of hesitation among people to use CBD products due to its association with marijuana. The real problem with marijuana is not CBD; it’s the harmful psychoactive properties of THC. Most CBD products that stores sell have no or trace amounts of THC that is well below the legal limit.

Also, the cannabis plant is not a common source of CBD anymore, due to possible contamination with THC. Growers found a way to extract CBD from hemp, which eliminates the majority of the THC content.

Are you looking for a store that sells CBD in Kansas? Contact KC Hemp today or visit our CBD store for a wide array of products to your liking!

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