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KC Hemp Co. is the CBD store in Kansas City for people who want to purchase high-quality hemp products at affordable low prices online. We are committed to unrivaled quality, transparency, and honest pricing. Unfortunately, too many online CBD stores are hit or miss, but people who need CBD products can't afford to "miss." At KC Hemp Co., we fully support and advocate for the almost miraculous benefits of medicinal CBD, and we've carved out our niche as the trustable CBD store.

The Problem with Trustability

If you have never purchased CBD online, or if you have been lucky and always gotten what you paid for, you may not even be aware of the potential risks of purchasing CBD from online stores. Whether you trust KC Hemp Co. or someone else, we strongly recommend that you find a store you trust and stick with them. There are too many ways in which you can get taken for a ride!

Three Dangers of Buying CBD from an Online CBD Retailer

The most common way that people get ripped off when buying CBD from online stores is that they don't get what they paid for. For example, people often purchase CBD from websites that advertise their products at a certain potency level, but the products are anything but potent! They are extremely diluted. The problem is; most people aren't going to take their CBD to a laboratory to have it tested, so they'll never really know if they are getting what they pay for. The best way to avoid this trap is to ask to see the documentation. A legitimate CBD store will have tested all of their products for safety and potency. Also, if you find CBD products that are too cheap to be true; they are! Potent CBD products cost money to make. Therefore, be wary of extremely low prices.

It's not uncommon these days for consumers to get ripped off outright when they purchase CBD products from online stores. How could this happen? A lot of scammers are online, and CBD products are attractive for those who look to set up a crash and burn sites where they use aggressive marketing to get found, rip a bunch of people off, close the account and website, then start another one and do it again.

In the states of Missouri and Kansas, marijuana is still illegal. Yet, because of our close proximity to Colorado, we are susceptible to illegal CBD products. At KC Hemp Co., all of our CBD products are derived from hemp plants. Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states. However, it is illegal to possess cannabis-derived CBD in KC. A lot of the CBD stores online are operated by growers who sell cannabis-derived marked as "Hemp CBD."

Buy Your CBD from Us

KC Hemp Co. is the CBD store in Kansas City for people who want honest pricing, honest products, and transparency at every step. People trust us, and we are honored because of that.

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