Mar 27, 2023

Exploring the Benefits of Delta 9 Gummies

Whether you're just looking to relax and enjoy your evening or looking to try and alleviate chronic pain, edibles may...

Jan 27, 2023

Delta 9 Gummies: A Delicious Way to Get Your Daily Dose of THC Edibles

For archaic states like Kansas, medical and recreational marijuana remains illegal leaving its citizens forced to suf...

Jan 25, 2023

Staying Focused With CBDa From KC Hemp Co.®

Are you frustrated jumping from medication to medication trying to find something that helps you manage your anxiety,...

Jan 25, 2023

Dog ate your Cannabis Edibles?

What to do if you dog ate your weed gummies or other thc edibles. A Cautionary tail* and how to keep your pet safe from cannabis products.

Oct 14, 2022

Buy the Best CBD Products for Military Veterans

Are you wondering how CBD products can help military veterans cope with the stresses of the job? Learn some ways that it can help you heal. and Save BIG with the KC Hemp Co.® Military and Veterans Discount Program.

Oct 14, 2022

Get To Know the Various Forms of CBD Products

There are tons of CBD based products on the market. Don't get overwhelmed when searching for the right product for you. Check out this blog to help find which is the best CBD product for you!

Oct 14, 2022

Cannabis, The new Pre-Game Ritual

There are obvious benefits to incorporating cannabis into your pre-game, gameday ritual during football season. Spoiler alert: YOUR LIVER WILL THANK YOU!

Oct 14, 2022

How Delta 9 Gummies Can Improve Your Mental Health

If you're curious about using delta 9 gummies for stress and anxiety, look no further. Find all of your answers in our blog!

Sep 9, 2022

Tinctures vs. Extracts - Learn More About Various Forms of CBD

The best tinctures are organic, all natural and third party lab tested. With a host of therapeutic constituents, we guarantee that our tinctures are the best CBD tinctures on the market.

Sep 9, 2022

CBD for Pain Relief and Improved Health

This article explores how CBD can be used to treat pain and improve overall health and wellness. Choose the right CBD product for you. 

Jun 16, 2022

What are the Benefits of CBD For Skin

CBD can potentially reduce inflammation and redness, helping to reduce scars, acne, and rosacea. It helps with acne and breakouts by unclogging pores, decreasing sebum production, and reducing the number of pimples. CBD also improves skin elasticity, which helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Jun 16, 2022

Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum CBD - Which One Is Right For You?

Are you trying to understand the different CBD categories? This article by KC Hemp Co.® will help you learn about full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD products. Find the right CBD for your needs in Kansas City today.
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